Blue Williams Team Places Second at New Orleans Bar & Grille

March 25th, 2013

The Blue Williams entry into the 2013 New Orleans Bar & Grille won second place in the “most creative” category. A fundraiser for Southeast Louisiana Legal Services, the Bar & Grille is organized by the New Orleans Bar Association, and brings together local firms and attorneys for a day of food, drink, and friendly competition.

Blue Williams served buttermilk chive pancakes topped with pulled pork, sweet potato pureé, and bourbon syrup. For dessert: coffee mousse with a chocolate wafer cookie, and to drink: bourbon maple lemonade.

Elizabeth, Kelly, and Tracy serving.

Elizabeth Sconzert, Kelly Brian, and Tracy Rotharmel serve food and drinks at the Blue Williams booth.

Elizabeth Sconzert and Kelly Brian at the NOBG

Elizabeth Sconzert and Kelly Brian serve bourbon maple lemonade at the 2013 New Orleans Bar & Grille.

Coffee Mousse with chocolate wafer cookie

Iced coffee mousse with chocolate wafer cookie