Recent Verdicts

Craig Sweeney secures trial victory on Premises Liability case

On Thursday, May 31st Craig Sweeney, a partner at Blue Williams, secured a complete victory for his client, a prominent St. Tammany Parish property owner on a premises liability case. The plaintiff alleged property damage after her home was struck … Continue reading

Best and Giambrone Successfully Defend Jefferson Parish

Congratulations to Jacob Best and Guice Giambrone for successfully defending Jefferson Parish in a wrongful death jury trial. On April 11, 2018, a Jefferson Parish jury returned a verdict of no liability in a wrongful death case involving a pedestrian … Continue reading

Frank Towers successfully represents an Employer on a Longshore case

On April 19, 2018, Chief Judge Romero of the Covington ALJ granted the Section 22 Modification of HII/Avondale Operations in finding that the Employer successfully demonstrated suitable alternative employment. Because the claimant sustained a scheduled disability, a demonstration of suitable … Continue reading

Congratulations Vale and Tweedel

Rick Vale and Brett Tweedel achieved a resounding victory from the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals on a Longshore Harbor Workers Compensation Act case concerning the doctrine of last responsible employer. The claimant alleged significant pulmonary injuries were sustained … Continue reading

Congratulations Buck, Bossier, and Ellinghausen

Tom Buck, Brian Bossier and Ed Ellinghausen garnered a nice victory in the U. S. Fifth Circuit in October, when the Court affirmed a summary dismissal which they obtained for a shipyard client. The underlying case involved a very serious … Continue reading

Vale and Tweedel Successfully Defend Contracting Company

Rick and Brett successfully defended a contracting company after a two week trial. The plaintiffs sued the contractor alleging serious injuries, requiring multiple surgeries, claiming that the contractor’s 18 wheeler had crashed into the container in which they were in … Continue reading

Defense Verdict Obtained in Trucking Accident Trial

Christopher Grace obtained a defense verdict in a trucking accident case which went to trial in East Baton Rouge Parish. The plaintiff and her passengers alleged that they were  traveling for two minutes or more in the same lane of … Continue reading

Court of Appeal Affirms Zero Verdict from New Orleans Jury

Virgil Lacy and Alexis Caughey secured a hard fought trial court victory in favor of the defense in a opinion issued by the Louisiana’s Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal on June 24, 2015.  Plaintiffs had appealed the zero verdict obtained by Mr. Lacy … Continue reading

Giambrone and Pizzo Successfully Defend St. Tammany Neurosurgeon

Guice Giambrone and Steve Pizzo recently obtained a defense verdict on liability for a neurosurgeon sued in St. Tammany Parish. In this medical malpractice action, the plaintiff alleged that the defendant neurosurgeon breached the standard of care during surgery to … Continue reading

Defense Verdict in Automobile Death Case

A 17-year-old intoxicated motorist was killed in a one-car accident. Blue Williams partner Thomas G. Buck defended the suit filed against the owner of the home where the decedent had been drinking. Decedent’s parents claimed that the homeowner was legally … Continue reading