Recent Longshore Case

August 30th, 2019

Recently, two partners with Blue Williams to include Mr. Frank Towers and Ms. Pamela Molnar, successfully argued before Judge Rosenow of the Covington ALJ that an 8(i) settlement should be vacated on the grounds that fraud had been committed upon the Court by the claimant’s attorneys. This unprecedented step by Judge Rosenow was reached due to the submission of a Motion for Summary Decision demonstrating the claimant was deceased before the 8(i) settlement was even drafted thereby rendering the settlement null and void. To make matters worse, the Judge found one of the claimant attorneys involved forged the claimant’s signature to the 8(i) settlement and fraudulently notarized said signature even though the claimant attorneys knew the claimant had been dead for a week. A parallel case is being pursued in the Eastern District of Louisiana before Judge Vitter seeking full reimbursement of the settlement proceeds and attorneys fees and costs for pursuing the claim. This case is a prime example of the aggressive, novel and cost effective Longshore litigation successfully provided by Blue Williams attorneys such as Mr. Towers and Ms. Molnar.