Scott Soule and Emily Canizaro Secure Victory on a Longshore Trial

On June 6, 2019, Judge Price of the Covington ALJ issued a Decision and Order securing a complete victory for our client in Victor Guidry v. Federal Marine Terminals and Signal Mutual Indemnity ASSN., LTD., c/o Sage Adjusting, LLC. The claimant sought a de minimis award wherein he asserted he reasonably anticipated future economic harm from his present injury and disability, thus preventing the claim from being closed and permitting the claimant to pursue a Section 22 Modification in the future if economic conditions were to change via the Metropolitan Stevedore Co. v. Rambo [Rambo II], 521 US 121 (1997) case. Through an effective use of deposition testimony and wage records Mr. Soule and Ms. Canizaro were able to successfully demonstrate to Judge Price that the claimant failed to establish a possibility of a diminished wage earning capacity in the future, thus denying the claimant’s claim in total.