Tweedel Successfully Argues an Exception of No Right of Action

On Friday, October 4, 2019, Mr. Brett Tweedel, a partner with Blue Williams who specializes in the areas of insurance defense and construction litigation, successfully argued an Exception of No Right of Action in Civil District Court for the Parish of Orleans resulting in a complete dismissal of the plaintiff’s claim for damages. The litigation arose due to alleged damage caused by our client performing construction work in New Orleans. Initially, the case started when our client filed suit seeking to recover costs owed to our client for work performed pursuant to a contact but for which the client was  not paid, and in response, the defendant filed a reconventional demand against our client seeking to recover $756,239.87 in alleged repair costs and future damages caused by our client ‘s construction work. Due to Mr. Tweedel’s careful review of the construction contracts as well as the numerous legal entities owned and controlled by the plaintiff in reconvention as well as a command of construction and contract law, Mr. Tweedel pursued an Exception of No Right of Action to great success in dismissing the plaintiff in reconvention’s demand in total after our client was last presented with a settlement demand in excess of $700,000. At Blue Williams, L.L.P., we take pride in our attorneys’ conscientious review of the details and facts of each and every case we handle, which when combined with our willingness to defend our client’s interests in court if necessary, yields excellent results such as those produced with this case. If you would like more information about this case in particular, or have questions about construction litigation in general, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Tweedel.