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Resources & Support

Support Staff

Blue Williams believes that a strong and committed support staff is vital to delivering the very best legal services. From providing a friendly voice on the phone, to scheduling meetings, to performing exceptional paralegal services, Blue Williams’ staff strengthens our connection to our clients. The firm’s unusually low turnover rate among legal secretaries and paralegals—many of whom have been with the firm since its founding—remains one of our proudest achievements.

When a client is engaged, we assemble a team with the experience and knowledge required to deliver unparalleled results. This means that each case gets individual and specialized attention, and it goes far beyond attorneys. Our secretaries, paralegals, legal assistants, registered nurse paralegals, and administrative staff each have unique strengths that contribute to the success of the team. Ultimately, the greatest advantage to the firm’s structure is its ability to personalize service while competently handling complex matters.


As well as unparalleled legal counsel, our clients expect quick and effective communication and collaboration, whether between the client and attorney, intra-firm, or between our attorneys and the courts. To this end, we maintain state-of-the-art technologies to expedite the delivery of legal services and keep client costs low.


Our investment in a powerful financial management system has proven extremely valuable to our business clientele. Billing can be produced in a variety of formats, including ABA or client-defined task codes. Invoices and payments can be transmitted electronically for fast processing and incorporation into client case management systems.

Legal Research

In the ever-changing legal arena, access to the most up-to-date resources is crucial. Blue Williams maintains subscriptions to the best legal research databases in the world. Easy access to legal publications and reports, medical databases, government information, and web-based resources allows our attorneys to efficiently deliver superior legal counsel to our clients. Our efforts have proven cost effective for our clients and have added to the quality and effectiveness of our representation.