Insurance Law

Courts are constantly revising their interpretations of policy provisions. Our clients rely on our experience and expertise to keep them up-to-date on these developments and protect their interests through tough-minded litigation when necessary.

Insurance litigation involves questions of coverage and policy analysis. Blue Williams attorneys specialize in advising our clients on first- and third-party claims involving automobile, property, general casualty, workers’ compensation, LHWCA, and professional liability coverage.

Blue Williams litigates issues such as ambiguity in policy language, intent of the parties to the contract, coverage trigger dates, identifying an “occurrence,” agent liability, claims-handling practices, the reciprocal duties of the insured from policy procurement, timely reporting of claims, and assistance in investigation and defense.

Blue Williams handles both first- and third-party bad faith claims. Whether the claim is for improper claims handling procedures, failure to settle within policy limits, or violation of an unfair claims practices statute or consumer protection act, we are prepared to litigate those issues.

Our Insurance Law Group represents clients in numerous insurance markets, including homeowners’, primary and excess liability insurance, reinsurance, energy, marine, and life insurance.