Intellectual Property and Franchise Law

Blue Williams offers a variety of services relating to intellectual property and franchise law.  We are happy to help you protect your valuable intellectual property in a number of ways including registering copyrights and trademarks, pursuing infringement actions, helping you develop new brands or protect existing brands, and facilitating contractual relationships regarding the use of your intellectual property including license agreements and franchise agreements.

Our attorneys also have a long history of helping local and national brands with their franchise needs.  This includes helping new or locally focused brand concepts expand into national franchise systems as well as helping existing franchise concepts ensure that they are complying with the complicated state and federals laws governing franchises.  We can help you develop your concept from the ground up or if you are already operating as a franchise we can help you make sure that you are protecting your brand and registering with the appropriate authorities.  If you are considering entering into a franchise agreement as a franchisee, our attorneys can also help you by performing a thorough review of the franchise offering to make sure that you are not only making a wise investment but that you are aware of the potential risks associated with your new venture.

Our Intellectual Property attorneys can assist you with any of the following issues: