Toxic Tort Litigation

Claims for bodily injury, mental/emotional injury, and medical monitoring arising out of alleged exposure to asbestos and other toxins continue to be filed in unprecedented numbers. Our firm has played a leading role in the development of defenses to latent disease-injury claims, such as those caused by silica or asbestos. Both “mature” (e.g., asbestos) and “emerging” (e.g., talc) toxic torts fall within the experience of Blue Williams’ Toxic Tort Group.

Our Toxic Tort Litigation Group provides the experience and technology necessary to defend toxic tort claims ranging from those brought by individuals to those of multi-party, mass litigation. We have served as local, regional, and national counsel to a variety of manufacturers, distributors, and users of products.

We have defended clients in claims involving:

Our experience includes the development of strategies to address legal and factual issues in addition to medical causation. We have assembled a comprehensive repository of medical, scientific, and technical information and have worked with a number of highly respected consultants and experts. We use this wealth of information and resources to supplement our experience, resulting in a powerful defense strategy for each client.