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Blue Williams’ estate planning attorneys have developed plans that simplify and personalize the probate process to meet the specific needs of each client.

Estate and succession planning can be a
complex matter, especially in light of
continually evolving policies enacted by
Congress. As experienced Louisiana estate
planning and probate lawyers, our main
objective is to bring you peace of mind
through the logistical analysis of your
unique case and the development of a plan
that is best tailored to protect your interests
and legacy.

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We handle all aspects of the probate process from start to finish.

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We handle all aspects of the probate process,
including the drafting of succession
documents, filing of the will, preparation of a
sworn descriptive list, and the Petition and
Judgment of Possession. We assist clients in
addressing their long-term goals in
collaboration with their insurance, financial,
and accounting advisors in order to ensure
that all assets are distributed to the
appropriate parties.
We also represent successions, estates,
litigation of successions, and wills and trusts
with regard to any contested issues that may

How do I begin the process of developing an estate plan?

Please contact our Metairie Office at 504-831-4091 to set up your initial consultation or fill out the form below.

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