The Legal Process

Preserving Electronic Data Is Imperative for Small Businesses

by Michelle A. Beaty, JD The use of electronic and digital devices permeates just about every aspect of our lives today, personal and professional. From laptops to tablets to smartphones, the use of electronic devices to communicate, to complete and … Continue reading

Navigating through the Medical Malpractice Review Panel Procedure

by Kelly M. Brian, JD I just received notice that a medical malpractice complaint has been filed against me.  Now what do I do? First, take a deep breath. Chances are good that if you practice medicine for any length … Continue reading

Franchising Your Business: The FTC Rule, Disclosure, Registration, and Other Considerations

Now that tax season is behind us and you have a fresh perspective on your company’s financial health, you may be looking to capitalize on your business’ success with a view toward expansion. Many small businesses turn to franchising as … Continue reading

Chess, Anyone? Beaty-Gullage Writes Article on Professionalism for Louisiana Bar Journal

Lawyers are expected (and required by the Rules of Professional Conduct) to conduct themselves professionally at all times. How many of us actually review the Rules of Professional Conduct? I would venture a guess it’s not something most lawyers consult … Continue reading

Understanding the Prescriptive Period

When Is It Too Late to Sue or Be Sued? Litigation is an intimidating and at times confounding process for a defendant embroiled in a legal dispute. While a skilled lawyer makes all the difference, a basic understanding of legal … Continue reading