Tax Planning

Our clients range from individual taxpayers and small business owners to large corporations and complex family-held entities. We work in partnership with our clients to achieve their personal and business goals by developing innovative strategies to maximize tax benefits while minimizing potential risks. We also provide exceptional representation in tax controversies and litigation. Our highly regarded attorneys hold advanced degrees and certifications, including Masters in Tax Law (L.L.M. in Taxation) and board certifications in tax law and estate planning certified by the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization. We guide our business clients through every stage of development, from initial formation through mergers, acquisitions, spinoffs, transfers, and expansion into new markets. We continually monitor changes in tax law to educate our clients to make smart decisions about the future. For businesses that are just getting started, we examine the tax advantages and disadvantages of various entity structures, including corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, joint ventures, syndications, and trusts.

Our attorneys focus on the special needs of tax-exempt organizations, including large private foundations and associations, small organizations, individuals, public charities, religious organizations and social organizations, as a well as individuals looking to accomplish philanthropic goals. We help our clients determine the most appropriate tax-exempt structure in the initial stages of formation, staying with them as they grow and develop. 

When litigation is appropriate and necessary to resolve a tax issue, we identify the benefits and risks of particular forums, including the U.S. Tax Court, U.S. Federal District Courts, and U.S. Court of Federal Claims. We consider the needs of each client, utilizing strategies that offer the best opportunities for success while managing the litigation process to provide value and efficiency for the client, but most importantly, a solution. Listening, understanding, and believing in the goals of our clients are our guideposts in delivering results at the courthouse.

Tax Planning Attorneys