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Ric Poirier and Kelly Brian Successfully Defend Local Surgeon

Congratulations to attorneys Ric Poirier and Kelly Brian who successfully defended a local surgeon in a medical malpractice case, obtaining a jury verdict of no breach of the standard of care. This was the first civil jury trial in Federal […] Continue reading

Robert Baudouin Successfully Defends Surgeon in Trial

Congratulations to Robert Baudouin, a partner in the Metairie office, who successfully defended a general surgeon in his first case tried with full Covid restrictions. The case involved the alleged wrongful death of a 9-month-old boy with chronic asthma who […] Continue reading

Recent Attorney Accomplishments & Updates

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Frank Torres and Pam Molnar Successfully Defend Decision Under the Longshore Act

Recently, Mr. Frank Torres and Ms. Pam Molnar successfully defended a decision rendered under the Longshore Act resulting in a complete dismissal of a claim for death benefits before the Benefits Review Board. As the attached Decision demonstrates, the ALJ […] Continue reading

Tweedel Successfully Argues an Exception of No Right of Action

On Friday, October 4, 2019, Mr. Brett Tweedel, a partner with Blue Williams who specializes in the areas of insurance defense and construction litigation, successfully argued an Exception of No Right of Action in Civil District Court for the Parish […]

Recent Workers’ Compensation Decision

Recently, Mr. Eric Pope, a Partner here at Blue Williams who specializes in workers compensation matters received a decision  from the Louisiana Third Circuit after four years of constant and protracted litigation on behalf of his client. It is common […]

Torres Successfully Defends Longshore Case

On September 30, 2019, Frank Torres, a partner with Blue Williams, successfully defended the interests of his client resulting in a complete dismissal of the claimant’s claim for Longshore Death Benefits. In Diane, Wesley, Kurt, and Rachel Pitre and Katie […]

Recent Longshore Case

Recently, two partners with Blue Williams to include Mr. Frank Towers and Ms. Pamela Molnar, successfully argued before Judge Rosenow of the Covington ALJ that an 8(i) settlement should be vacated on the grounds that fraud had been committed upon […]

Scott Soule and Emily Canizaro Secure Victory on a Longshore Trial

On June 6, 2019, Judge Price of the Covington ALJ issued a Decision and Order securing a complete victory for our client in Victor Guidry v. Federal Marine Terminals and Signal Mutual Indemnity ASSN., LTD., c/o Sage Adjusting, LLC. The […]

Craig Sweeney Secures Trial Victory on Premises Liability Case

On Thursday, May 31st Craig Sweeney, a partner at Blue Williams, secured a complete victory for his client, a prominent St. Tammany Parish property owner on a premises liability case. The plaintiff alleged property damage after her home was struck […]